15 minutes is the new record…

Today has been a great day! Nick finally put in our new toilet (that has been sitting in our garage for 2 years…don’t ask) and has been working in the garage all day to get it organized. I was able to put away all of the clean laundry (oh, the laundry. it never ends. I am ALWAYS doing laundry!) I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but Haley’s crib had turned into the place where laundry goes when I don’t have time to put it away…so, it’s nice to have the crib available for Haley. Even though she never sleeps in it. Except right now, she’s been sleeping in it for 15 minutes, which is some kind of record!



…and just as I typed that, she started crying. So 15 minutes in the crib is the new record. It’s going to be a rough transition at night!

We’ve been doing lots of fun things in this beautiful California weather the past couple of weeks! We take our dog, Gracie, to the dog park at least once a week and go on walks around the neighborhood and to the park. Last weekend we went to the St. Patrick’s Day festival in Dublin and visited with our friends who have a daughter 5 days older than Haley! 







Haley’s favorite things lately:

  • Grabbing mommy’s hair, necklace, shirt, and anything she can get her tiny hands on!
  • Her Lamaze T-Rex and Sassy Monster toys
  • Still loving her Wubbanubs
  • Sun hats and rompers (okay, so these are my new favorite things for her)
  • Tummy time and her jumperoo!

Haley is 4 months old…


How did that happen? Where has the time gone? Man, it’s hard to find time to blog when you’re a mom. Lots has happened since I last posted. It turns out that my employer wasn’t open to a flexible schedule like I’d hoped, so I resigned from my position and I’m now a stay-at-home mom. I may work part time in the future if the right opportunity comes up, but for now I am just enjoying Haley. She is changing so much and growing every day. It isn’t always easy and I know it’s not for everyone, but I’m so thankful that we are able to do this.


I respect working moms so much, I have NO CLUE how they get anything done around the house. I can hardly find time to get anything done and I’m home all day! I had two weeks worth of clean laundry stuffed in Haley’s crib (clearly she doesn’t sleep there!) and it was driving me absolutely MAD. I finally got to putting it all away today. We’re going to have to get her sleeping in that damn crib sooner or later. She’s been sleeping in her Taggies Snuggle Me Sleeper every night, which has worked out great for us. She sleeps in it pretty much all night, but she’ll outgrow it in the next couple of months, so I need to find the patience to get that girl sleeping in her crib soon!


Haley has started to grab and play with toys, loves tummy time, and has rolled over a couple of times (the look of shock and confusion on her face after she rolls over is priceless!)


I finally have a sleeping baby and a sleeping husband at the same time so that means I have time to update, file my nails, and watch a movie of my choice (simultaneously…busy moms must multi-task!)

Haley is 2 months old now and she’s been talking up a storm! (well, baby talk, but it’s so cute!) One of my favorite things ever is having our morning conversations. She is so happy in the mornings and has been smiling so big this week! (though she rarely lets me catch a picture of it!) 

I’m supposed to go back to work on the 27th (in 2.5 weeks) and am having major anxiety about it! I’m going in on Friday to talk to them about my schedule and hoping they’ll be flexible. Please cross your fingers for me!

Well, that was short-lived. I’m now typing this one-handed while breastfeeding. To those mommy bloggers who update more thoroughly and on a regular basis, you are rockstars. 




New Moms Are Busy!

Haley is 7 weeks old now. I guess new moms are busy because I was planning on posting an update quite some time ago!

First of all, I can’t stress enough that breastfeeding SUCKS for the first 2-3 weeks. I would dread it and literally sit and cry every time I fed her, it was so painful. Luckily I was able to stick it out and it has gotten easier.  Now it’s totally not a big deal.  I completely understand people who call it quits and switch to formula.

I’ve learned that all those things I thought I would or wouldn’t do as a parent and all the things that I’ve judged people for in the past, have all gone out the window.  You can’t judge any parent for doing or not doing anything because some things work for some and don’t work for others and you never know until you get there.

I swore I wouldn’t give Haley a pacifier but she loves it and it gives us some much-needed sanity.

I swore I wouldn’t breastfeed in public but I’ve found myself feeding her in the back seat of my car and in Nordstrom’s Women’s Lounge/Mother’s Room (aka the super fancy bathroom–which is the absolute NICEST, most comfortable place ever to breastfeed!).

7-Week Milestones:

  • Haley is starting to smile AT us, which is so adorable!
  • She has started sleeping longer stretches at night, which we are SO thankful for. It makes for much happier parents!
  • She is officially out of her newborn clothes and on to 0-3 & 3 month clothes. The 3 month outfits are still a bit big on her, but I think she will grow into them soon enough.
  • At her 2-week appointment, she weighed 8 lbs, 15 oz. but we weighed her at home the other day and she was over 12 pounds! My little chunker! She eats like a champ.
  • We mostly call her by her name, but also Haley Bear, Baby Girl, Little Toad (thanks to her toad-like belly!)
  • Her eyes are BLUE! So blue!
  • Haley loves bath time and tummy time–she is a champ at holding up her head!
  • The place we need to spend the most time on in the bath are her hands and feet–so linty!
  • Blow out diapers are not a myth!

And some pictures–because I know that’s all you’re really here for anyway 😉

Brand New! 3 Days old:


Haley’s first sponge bath…she was less than thrilled, clearly.



Her first REAL bath. Much happier!


 Haley and her BFF Aubrey.




One month! December 2, 2013:



 Tummy time champ!


She loves the Skip Hop Zoo Activity Gym!


Awesome mommy moment of the week? We were shopping the other day and a super fashion-forward middle-aged lady came up to me and I was expecting her to compliment my baby and tell me how cute she was. Well, instead, she told me how adorable I was and said my outfit was perfect! Such a pleasant surprise and totally made my day!

Today is not the day.

Looks like Haley will not be born today. Maybe November 2nd? Been having contractions since 7:00 AM. They were about 30-40 minutes apart this morning and are down to 2-3 minutes apart (or less).

Got checked into triage at the hospital around 4:45 and they said I’m not progressed enough to admit me. They gave me the option to go walk around for 2 hours, but said that it’s likely that it wouldn’t even help and then I’d either get sent home or sent out to walk for another 2 hours. So we decided to come home. Currently taking a warm bath and it’s helped out with the contractions a lot and let me relax…though it’s still really uncomfortable and getting more and more painful and intense.

Thinking I should try and get some sleep, but I’m not sure how realistic that is with how consistent my contractions are. They said I could take some Tylenol PM or Benadryl but I don’t really like the idea of that. We’ll see how this goes. Really hoping for more progress tonight and a baby sometime this weekend.

Fingers crossed…

40 Weeks + 4 Days… (Where’s my baby!)

I definitely thought I’d have had the baby and been settled in at home by now, but my due date has come and gone. I guess Haley has another plan and now she’s going to be a November baby! I had to return her Halloween sleeper, guess I’ll be buying up all the Halloween stuff in 12m on clearance for next year!

I’ve been having stronger contractions since this morning. I was able to sleep off some of them, but finally got up around 9 and took a bath. I even shaved my legs and washed my hair! I threw in a load of laundry and finally put our duvet cover back on our comforter, which I’ve been putting off all week. Guess those last minute things need to get done!

Last week at my mom’s house:


Halloween! When I got all dressed up to go to Target haha


Guess I’ll be catching up on my TV shows and finishing last minute chores around the house between contractions. Fingers crossed this is it and baby girl makes her appearance today or tomorrow! Can’t wait to meet her!

39+ weeks!

Wow, I’m a slacker! I haven’t been keeping up with my belly book for the past few weeks either. I suck.

Anyway, almost there. 5 days to go until my due date!

I had an appointment on Tuesday and I was about 1 cm dilated, but not effaced at all. So there’s progress being made. Since the appt. I’ve been having what I think are contractions, but I’m unsure. They are pretty mild and I feel like they could probably just be Braxton Hicks contractions, but I’m paranoid that I won’t know when I’m in labor! Oh, the mysteries of first time pregnancy.

I’m having lunch with my friend Jen today, who’s due two days after me. The two of us are going to dinner with the husbands tomorrow night too, we’re going to Skipolini’s for Prego Pizza, which I hope will kickstart real labor (and hopefully I’ll know what that is!!) I’d love to have her this weekend so Nick can spend some time with us. He’s only taking two days off work, so the weekend would be ideal. The more time he can spend with us, the better! Of course, I know baby girl is on her own schedule and will come when she’s ready, but I’m equipped with a fresh pineapple, red raspberry leaf tea, and the promise of Prego Pizza–none of which are PROVEN to start labor, but it’s worth a try!

Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can figure out this whole labor thing.

The carseat is installed in my car, my bag is packed, all of the baby “equipment” has been assembled, and all of her clothes have been washed & folded, so we’re pretty much just waiting now! I do still need to dust around the house, which I think I’ll get to right about now…


photo 2



37 weeks!

37 weeks today, can’t believe it! I had an appointment this morning and it went great. My blood pressure is still good and even though my belly is measuring small (sure doesn’t feel small!) Haley is measuring at about 6 lbs. 13 oz. which is right on target and my amniotic fluid levels are great.  She’s head down which is great, but she’s sunny side up (face up) which means that girlfriend needs to flip before labor. The midwife I saw today gave me some exercises to do and showed me a different way to sleep which will hopefully help. I’m hoping it’ll be comfortable since sleeping has been not so comfy lately!

No signs of labor so far which I’m perfectly fine with.  They would like to induce at 41 weeks if I go past my due date, but they said they will let me go until 41 weeks, 3 days as long as baby looks good since I really want to avoid induction. That put me at ease a bit. I’m up about 26 pounds, I’ve only gained one pound since my last appointment! So weight gain is really good, but the midwife said I need to up my protein since my belly is measuring small.

Other than that, feeling pretty good and getting lots done around the house.  Almost all of Haley’s clothes and tiny baby things have been washed, now I just need to find a place for it all!